"I started drawing at the early age of 4, inspired by the deep appreciation for cartoons. This lead to an infatuation with crayola crayons. I felt the need to draw what I saw and what I thought I saw. The harmony I found in the imperfection of cartoon illustrations, as they existed parallel to reality, fueled my imagination. The urge developed into an addiction. I surrender to the continual sudden impulse that compels me to create something. And if I don’t obey, I will feel broken and unaligned. It’s the only time where I feel free to fall into an abyss; where a gravitational force lures me into my creative zone. And in that space is my inner child falling in love with her paint and music. This combination is the sole reason why I do not categorize my work. Being unclassified allows me to be open and genuinely disclose my emotions. For me, all art is above labels."

-Tarra Lu

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