Dancing with Dragonflies: Inspiration in all phases of the journey

You ever see butterflies emerging
from their chrysalis? When we think about metamorphosis, the animal that first comes
to mind are butterflies. But what about dragonflies? After all, they spend most
of their lives underwater before shedding their skins and unfolding their wings.
I remember sitting at Central Park, near the waterfall, watching dragonflies whirling,
forward, backwards, up, down, and side to side. Showing off their rainbow prism
wings and kissing the water, as if it were an aphrodisiac. I sat there,
mesmerized by their enigmatic beauty, and began to understand why they’re
linked to magic
and mysticism. The dragonflies started dancing around me. It felt like I was amongst
fairies and I didn’t even bother to think if they bite. It felt like the
dragonflies were messengers; showing me the beauty of finding your true colors,
when life is ready for you to propel around the world with wings.

As I reflect on this painting, I realized I’ve been holding on to the
dragonflies’ metamorphosis in my heart and it’s revealing itself as one of my
spirit guides. Originally, I wanted to do an abstract piece and started
spattered yellow, black and orange on the canvas. I let it sit for a few days
and I wasn’t feeling it. I decided to approach the canvas without planning and
allowed my intuition to guide me and came up with a free-spirited woman dancing
with dragonflies and fireflies. It made perfect sense that the dragonfly is
appearing in my life again because I, too, spent quite a few years in the depth
of my mystery. I’ve spent some years rediscovering myself and used the
experiences of my life to learn, awaken and move closer to my divine self.
Thus, I believe 2017 is the year where I’m emerging into my dragonfly glory, much
like the nymph does when it follows its instincts to move out of water. I’m
moving forward and transforming myself through crystal healing, reiki, yoga,
but most importantly through the meditative process of painting. I paint
intuitively. However, after becoming reiki II attuned, I now have access to my
intuition in a different way. And just like the dragonfly, I’m able to move
between realms and share spiritual messages. When I reflect on my meditative
painting process, I see that I’m meant to offer a form of dragonfly medicine
and help others to transform and take flight through creative expression in
their own authentic way.

Dragonflies’ ethereal beauty is a reminder that magic is very much real
and invites you to step into the unknown. They are like aerial artists and just
like they can maneuver in six different directions, it’s proof that momentum
doesn’t always happen in a straight line. The natural world is filled with
reminders of the sacred mystery that tugs silently at our heart. We can learn
from the dragonflies and know that it’s never too late to reinvent yourself. 

The most extraordinary power we have is that of
transforming ourselves and I dedicate this piece to those seeking to be free. 

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